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Buffalo Bulletin: Project Ara, BlackBerry, Wii U, World of Warcraft and Much More!

Welcome to a new episode of Buffalo Bulletin, where we discuss the latest and greatest in the world of technology, gaming and whatever else that is awesome.  This week we talk Project Ara, new BlackBerry flagship device, Wii U Sales, World of Warcraft and Disney Movies Anywhere!

This week's stories

Google Will Hold Project Ara Developers’ Conference This April

Project Ara, under the Advanced Technology and Projects group left behind by Motorola, will be detailed to developers by Google this April. On the project’s Google+ page, Paul Eremenko, head of Ara, said the first developers’ conference will take place between April 15 and 16, with the entirety of the event live streamed online. Some […]

BlackBerry CEO Says New Flagship Being Made To “Win Over New Customers”

After announcing the budget-friendly BlackBerry Z3, and a “classic” Q20, BlackBerry CEO John Chen says the company still has plans to release a flagship device sometime this year. Speaking to CNET, Chen said the device will be designed to “win over new customers,” though very few details about it were shared. While there’s a strong […]

Wii U Finally Eclipses the Xbox 360 in Japan

Nintendo’s Wii U still continues to chug along at a slow yet steady pace in its home country of Japan. Once more, it has churned out another typical eight thousand units a week, but this week is special in that it finally puts it over the top of the Xbox 360’s lifetime sales. The most […]

World of Warcraft’s $60 Price Tag for Level 90 Booster Explained by Blizzard

Blizzard finds itself in the spotlight this week after a decision to require subscribers to drop more money if they want to boost their characters up to level 90 leaked from its store. The plan currently stands at one character being allowed to level to 90 for free with the purchase of the expansion Warlords […]

Disney Movies Anywhere App Integrates With Your iTunes Movie Collection

Disney Movies Anywhere launched today and is bringing several new perks to being a Disney fan using iOS devices. The new Disney Movies Anywhere app is looking to bring the world of Disney movie collecting on physical discs that much closer to the digital realm. While fans have already been able to purchase their films […]

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