BlackBerry Z10 Unboxing – Jon’s Take

by Jon Rettinger | February 1, 2013

BlackBerry, formerly known as RIM, has finally revealed its cards, and the hand it played could have huge ramifications as the year progresses. To answer critics, to show it can still introduce exciting handsets, the company unveiled an all-touch BlackBerry Z10, and also a QWERTY Q10—no new tablet, yet.

The company has spent a long time working on and fine tuning the OS that runs under the hood of both devices—longer than anticipated—and a lot is riding on BlackBerry’s future. The Z10 seems like a pretty good first effort, even if everyone isn’t quite convinced after quick first impressions.

We have the Z10 here in the office, ready to unbox, so check it out, let us know what you think about the device. We’ll be testing BlackBerry’s new trophy over the next few days, so be sure to look out for more impressions soon.


Jon Rettinger

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