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Black Friday 2013: Ashley’s Favorite Deals

black friday fights

Oh, Black Friday. I’m not nearly brave enough to fight my way through hordes of men, women, and sometimes children screeching and running towards a rock-bottom-priced bargain, but I find odd enjoyment in combing through Black Friday ads every year and picking out my favorite deals. Maybe it’s because I like to imagine myself scoring all those crazy good deals with my mountain of lottery money (which I also imagined winning). Maybe it’s because my family seems to collectively agree that I’m the person with my finger on the pulse of clearance prices.

Regardless of how I’ve come to be the Mr. Universe (from the movie Serenity, not the bodybuilding competition) of Black Friday shopping, I figured I’d make a little video and share my favorite finds for this year’s smorgasbord of deals. Check out my favorite deals on a TV, laptops, tablets, and handheld gaming devices:

Are you brave (or crazy) enough to go shopping this Thanksgiving/Friday, or will you forgo the in-person shopping for a day of relaxation, and wait for (the much more sane) Cyber Monday instead?

Have a great Thanksgiving Day, U.S. readers!

Ashley Esqueda

Ashley Esqueda is a sixth-generation Southern Californian, and thinks that's pretty cool. Ever since her mom bought her an NES for her third birthday...