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Audi RS5 First Drive – Introducing TechnoBuffalo’s Driven

by Jon Rettinger | September 27, 2012September 27, 2012 1:30 pm PST

TechnoBuffalo has a new show that is just the right answer for all the car lovers out there. Lets take a look at TechnoBuffalo’s Driven.

I’m thrilled to be hosting a new show on the TechFeed YouTube channel, and each week you’ll see me test driving new cars, talking about the latest news from the auto makers and a whole lot more. This won’t be changing anything here on TechnoBuffalo or on our YouTube channel, this is merely a way for you to get that much more TechnoBuffalo in your life each week!

For the sneak preview episode, I jump behind the wheel of the Audi RS5 for some bone rattling fun as the car’s 8-cylinder engine shows me who’s the boss. It may not be the most practical automobile for your daily commute, but it sure would be a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy the new show, and remember it will be exclusive to the TechFeed channel that will feature myself along with Veronica Belmont, Mark Watson and more. Make sure you head over there to subscribe so that you can receive it on YouTube. We’ll also be posting it here here on TechnoBuffalo each week, so check back for all the car fun!

Jon Rettinger

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