Ask the Buffalo: iPhone Running Android and Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

by Brandon Russell | May 6, 2013

Jon R. is back to tackle more questions and queries from Buffalo readers, viewers and fans! On this episode of Ask the buffalo, Jon tells us how Google Glass will change the way we use technology, answers a difficult question about an Apple iPhone running Google’s Android OS, compares the software features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the HTC One, and shares some of TechnoBuffalo’s after-work leisure activities. All this and more on Ask the Buffalo!

  • How Will Google Glass Change Technology?
  • Apple iPhone Running Android
  • Samsung S4 VS HTC One, Software Features
  • TechnoBuffalo After-Hours

If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, be sure to check out all of the Ask the Buffalo installments, and get ready to ask more questions for next week’s episode! You can see them first on the TechnoBuffalo Revision 3 channel on Mondays beginning at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST.

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