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Ask the Buffalo: AppNation Edition

by Noah Kravitz | April 27, 2011April 27, 2011 5:00 am PST

What’s it take to become an app developer? Why is a bookstore worried about starting an app store? How hard is it to code apps for all the different Android devices? If I’m not a programmer but I have an idea for a killer app, what should I do? What’s the best way to drive revenue with apps: Up-front sales price or in-app purchasing? Why do people like that mad birdies game, anyway?

Apps, apps, apps … what’s the deal with apps? Now’s your chance to ask, and I’ll try to find out the answers for you. I’m going to be at AppNation SF all day Wednesday (and maybe some of Thursday, too), surrounded by all sorts of developers, executives, masterminds, and sales people who live, breathe, and eat apps all day long. From a panel discussion with folks from Amazon and Barnes & Noble to a meeting with NBC Universal to crossing paths with heavy hitters from hardware, software, and marketing companies, I’ll be swimming in the app waters all day tomorrow.

So tell me what to find out, and I’ll ask around until I get an answer or make up one of my own. But first, head over to the AppNation SF site and check out the Agenda and Speakers pages. Try to make your questions as specific as possible, so I can track down the right people to get the right info for you. I’m not saying I’ll be able to get you answers, but I am saying I’ll try.


Noah Kravitz

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