Are Super Bowl Tech Ads Effective?

by Jon Rettinger | February 6, 2013

Companies this year spent a record setting $4 million dollars for each 30 seconds of air time on the Super Bowl. That is insane amount of money, and one has to wonder just how effective those ad spends were.

From the Best Buy ad with Amy Poehler, to the Samsung ad about the company in general, there were plenty of tech ads to be had. And while the BlackBerry commercial was odd, it did seem to help the company’s stock the following day.

At $4 million dollars each – or $12 million in the case of Samsung’s 90-second spot, you have to wonder just how effective these ads are. In most cases you’ll have no idea, but the folks over at Adobe have launched Adobe Marketing Cloud which can help you figure out that very issue.

You can check out Adobe’s “Big Game” ad, and enter the contest for a gift card, and then let us know which tech ads you most enjoyed during the Super Bowl this year in the comments below.

This post was sponsored by Adobe.


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