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Apple Watch UI overview: Functional, but complicated

by Brandon Russell | April 24, 2015April 24, 2015 3:15 pm EST

We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again: using the Apple Watch is, at least in the early stages, a complicated endeavor. That’s not something you typically associate with new Apple products. Tech enthusiasts will get up and running in no time. But anyone who struggles with even sending off a simple email will find it very difficult to get accustomed to the Apple Watch’s complex UI. Put it this way: this isn’t something that becomes second nature overnight.

And that’s a little worrying considering this thing lives on your wrist. The Apple Watch was designed to be something you use instead of your phone; it’s supposed to make your everyday experience more productive, fluid, not more complicated. Immediately after unboxing the unit we got in the office, however, it was apparent what a daunting task learning the ins and outs of the wearable is going to be. No wonder Apple is pushing its try-on experience so hard.

We already took you on a UI tour at Apple’s event in March, but we figured it would be helpful to revisit the subject for a more in-depth look. We actually made ourselves a cheat sheet just so we covered all the important bases. Learning what each tap, press and button does is like learning a second language for a lot of people. This video is an easy way to start familiarizing yourself with what the Apple Watch has to offer.

Check the video out to see what Force Touch, a digital crown and a bit of trial and error can get you, and stay tuned for more Apple Watch coverage.


Brandon Russell

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