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What happened to Apple’s “pro” devices – Has Apple lost the magic?

Despite products like the Apple Watch, MacBook, and iPad Pro, 2015 could be considered an “off” year for Apple. Even introductions of 3D Touch and Live Photos couldn’t hide the Cupertino company’s increasingly apparent hardware and software deficiencies. Remember how Apple said you should charge the Pencil? Or how useless iOS 9’s proactive screen is?

These issues seem to underline an even bigger problem brewing in Cupertino. As the company continues to fight for growth among mounting competition, Apple has begun to ignore the users that helped make it what is it today. As a video editor, TechnoBuffalo’s Ron Parida has noticed an increasing lack of focus among Apple’s “pro” products, whether it be the MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, or its suite of professional software.

Rather than address these issues, Apple tries to mask its weaknesses with shiny metal and fancy marketing. There is never an acknowledgement from Apple’s top brass that its products need to be improved; only that they’re the best, the end. If you don’t like it, you’re using them wrong.

There’s no doubting Apple can design a mean phone, and the company continues to make some of the most popular consumer products in the biz. But, in a lot of ways, 2015 was a year where, to put it nicely, Apple was in transition.

Apple has achieved phenomenal success over the past few years, but Ron is worried a complacency has washed over the Cupertino campus. To hear more of Ron’s thoughts on Apple, especially as they pertain to the company’s “pro” products, check out the video above.

Brandon Russell

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