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Rettinger’s Rants – What are you doing Apple?!

by Mark Burstiner | November 10, 2015November 10, 2015 5:04 pm PST

Look, we all lose our temper at times, some more than others. The target of this ragefest is none other than Apple. It’s not too hard to pick on anything and everything in the consumer tech industry. Yeah Fanboys, looking at you.

Sometimes we’re bound to pick on things that can be more personal preferencethan fact, but there are times where some design choices or functions that are flawed no matter what lens you look through it.

After shipping a MacBook with thoroughly disappointing performance, shirking 3D touch on the iPad Pro, and (perhaps most egregiously) putting the charging port for the new Magic Mouse on the bottom. On the bottom!! What is Apple thinking these days!?

Is it trying to give HTC a run for its money when it comes to silly decisions? Hope you enjoy this new take on Rettinger’s Rants. Don’t you worry, though, I’ve got a rant or two up my sleeve.

Mark Burstiner

Mark is a former entrepreneur from New York by way of Chicago. He's a tech enthusiast and heavy gamer. If it's bleeding edge, he wants it. If it's...