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The hype machine: Apple’s open secret to success

by Brandon Russell | September 15, 2016September 15, 2016 4:30 pm EST

Every year, Apple executives get on stage to showcase its next product or service that people will inevitably use. Apple Watch bands that are hundreds of dollars? I need it. A computer mouse that can’t be used and charged at the same time? I’ll take two. Such is the power of Apple’s hype machine.

There doesn’t exist a single company on the planet that can compete with the Cupertino company’s ability to market and present ideas. It’s why competitors often spend so much time comparing their own products to Apple’s. Often, Apple is late to the party, yet the company manages to make features seem new and revolutionary.

A feature like raise to wake, introduced in iOS 10, has been available on other competing devices for a while now. Yet, nobody cares until Apple does it. Samsung phones have long been water and dust resistant, but now that the iPhone has this capability, the wider world is just now considering this a must-have feature.

It began with Steve Jobs and continues with Tim Cook; Apple still manages to make the mundane desirable. Small upgrades suddenly seem sea-changing. Eliminating the headphone jack is considered courageous. Only Apple can get away with that.

Check out the video above to hear Ron’s thoughts on the matter, and why Apple is so successful at selling products.

Brandon Russell

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