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Apple Airs Verizon And AT&T “Two Are Better Than One” Ads

During the exclusive iPhone arrangement between Apple and AT&T there were many commercials where Apple professed it’s love for AT&T, while on the other hand Verizon bashed the iPhone with numerous anti-iPhone advertisements. I mean who could forget the 2009 holiday spot in the “Island of Misfit Phones”?

Now that Verizon and Apple have hooked up, the love gushing between the two is almost nauseating. It reminds me of my college years. For two years my roommate battled to the end with a friend of ours, who we’ll will call “Nancy”, we’re protecting the innocent here. Anyway all they did was badmouth and insult each other for two years, but when returning to campus for our junior year they found something in common and all of a sudden they were in “love”. They were attached at the hip and you would rarely see on without the other. They always told me there was a fine line between love and hate.  It appears Verizon and Apple live by that same theory. Both companies have aired commercials professing their love since announcing Big Red would land the iPhone on Feb. 10, and it reminds me of that junior year.

Last week Verizon launched an ad thanking customers for keeping the faith and waiting so long while the iPhone deal was finalized. This weekend Apple released its own ad, not totally abandoning AT&T but it definitely had a Verizon feel to it. The new ad titled, “Two is Better than One” shows two identical iPhones in users hands completing the exact same tasks, then the iPhones clear the screen and both the AT&T and Verizon logo appear.

It definitely looks like Apple is the big winner as they get to date both AT&T and Verizon.

Will the Verizon-Apple marriage be one made in heaven or will it see some rocky roads like the AT&T-Apple relationship with slow data speeds and dropped calls? What are your thoughts on the advertising campaigns?

Tom Moccia

Tom Moccia is a native of Stamford, Connecticut and moved his family west in 2000 and now calls Stockton, California home with his wife and two...