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Advice to Aspiring Reviewers: Getting Review Products

by Noah Kravitz | April 29, 2011April 29, 2011 6:30 pm PST

Continuing on in a series attempting to answer a question from a reader named Nick, I talk for awhile about how to get the gear so you can write and produce video reviews. There’s no simple answer, but it goes something like this: Be polite, be persistent, and be patient.

You’ll have to start out getting whatever gear you can, and try not to bankrupt yourself before you even have an audience built up. Don’t be afraid to review accessories in addition to tablets and phones and consoles, and make sure to promote yourself. Also learn to write a good intro email, and get out there to meet other bloggers, potential readers, and PR contacts in person! Look for industry events, user groups and reader meetups in your area, and go meet some folks in person. Emails are one thing, but nothing compares to making a good impression on someone face-to-face.

And when you do start getting invites to launch events and offers for review loaners, be sure to say thank you and send links to your reviews to the PR people who answered your inquiries.

Check out the vid, and fill up the comments with your own tips, tricks, and questions!

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