A Few Great YouTube Alternatives for the iPad in iOS 6 (Video) [Updated]

Honestly, my biggest gripe with iOS 6, even more than Apple’s Maps fiasco, is the absence of YouTube. The official replacement currently found in the App Store is atrocious (only native for the iPhone and iPod touch), and isn’t anywhere near the quality of the outgoing one; I haven’t updated my iPad 2 to iOS 6 solely just so I can keep my current setup in tact.

It might not be the biggest deal for some, but I spend a lot of my time on YouTube — TechnoBuffalo has a big presence on the video sharing site, after all — and the experience in the new app is just so degraded compared to the older one. So I searched for alternatives, and found a few — notably, Jasmine and YouPlayer — that I thought are worth talking about.

If you’ve felt let down by the way YouTube has been handled on the iPad, I’m right there with you. But there are options out there that help to mitigate the old app’s absence in iOS 6.

Update: And what do you know? YouPlayer rolled out an update on Wednesday, Nov. 7 that adds a number of noteworthy features, including the ability to Like & Dislike videos. The best alternative to the extinct native app just got better. The best part, though, is the fact that you can now comment right from YouPlayer. Upgrading my iPad 2 to iOS 6 might not be such a big deal for me anymore.


Jon Rettinger

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