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A Day at iRobot, Part 2: Ava Telepresence Robot

by Adriana Lee | March 9, 2012March 9, 2012 3:15 pm PST

Mike and Adriana meet Ava, iRobot‘s take on the future of telepresence. The company’s excited about this prototype, which is likely destined for the healthcare industry. But this technology could wind up providing on-the-ground security surveillance and extremely future-forward office applications.

There has been a lot covered about employers and their telecommuting staffers, and if there’s one thing most experts agree on, it’s that video chat doesn’t quite cut it. It’s better than phoning in for office meetings, but there’s a level of camaraderie and “water-cooler” brainstorming that’s missing when an employee isn’t physically present. I can attest to this — some of the best ideas I’ve ever heard came up when two employees were just walking down the hall and chit-chatting.

With Ava, that would be possible, even if one of the workers was miles away. If technology like this can take off, it genuinely has the potential to change everything about the way we work.

For a peep at the future of office environments, take a look at the video, as Mike and I get to know Ava. Then let us know what you think — would you love to be able to work remotely, but still “be” at the office? Weigh in.

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