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360fly Is the Coolest Way to Record Action Sports Video

by Brandon Russell | January 7, 2015January 7, 2015 4:53 pm PST

The action cam market is crowded. GoPro isn’t the only name you think of anymore, making it increasingly difficult for alternatives to stand out. Most of them are the same, but some companies are getting increasingly creative with their ideas. 360-degree video isn’t necessarily new, but never has it been more accessible thanks to the 360fly. You want crazy? the 360fly will give you crazy.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-equipped action camera sports a 360-degree horizontal and 240-degree vertical fisheye lens, allowing users to film truly immersive and present video; and the nice thing is is that a single lens doesn’t require video to be stitched together. Now you won’t just have one perspective of the action. You can almost see the entire scene, which makes for some truly incredible action sports footage. Combine that experience with Oculus, and it opens up an entirely new category for the way we consume content.

The camera comes with 16GB of internal memory (non-expandable), a f/2.5 lens, an integrated mic and a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor; the device is also waterproof up to 16 feet, which means you can easily take this on a surfing trip and not have to worry about it getting damaged. The company says the 360fly allows users to “live life uncropped,” and they ain’t kidding. This plus virtual reality equals the only way to experience video.

The 360fly is completely optimized for social networks, which means you can easily and quickly share with friends and family. For the hardware and engineering limitations, the 360fly sports a pretty slick design; it looks like an alien artifact. The device should give users about 2 hours of battery, and will support iOS 8 and Android 4.3 and above when it launches this spring. You can pre-order yours now for $499.

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell likes to rollerblade while listening to ACDC.