Apple finally announced the date on which it will unveil its new iPhone yesterday, but you can be sure that the rumor mill will continue to turn until all is revealed by Tim Cook himself next Tuesday. The latest speculation surrounds the new iPhone's GPU, with the video above suggesting that a new high-definition GPU is on its way.

The video above was sent into Cult of Mac, and purportedly shows an iPhone 5 in action, according to the source. Like many of Apple's prototype devices, this handset features a 'Developer' section in the system Settings app that allows you to perform all sorts of magic.

As you can see from the video, the user is able to choose between two different GPUs for this particular device, one of which is called the 'SGX535', and the other 'SGX545'. Both GPUs are made by Imagination Technologies.

The first GPU, the SGX535, is the one that currently features in the iPhone 4. The second, however, is a high-definition chip that is optimized for 3D graphics, delivering 40 million polygons per second at 200MHz.

The video suggests, then — as long as it isn't fake — that Apple's upcoming iPhone could boast a fancy new GPU that will back up its dual-core A5 processor to provide users with a much greater gaming experience on their smartphone. It also suggests that the iPhone 5 will indeed look identical to the iPhone 4, as many of the recent rumors have claimed.

It's certainly plausible that the new iPhone will get a new GPU, and the fact that Apple is a part owner of Imagination Technologies only makes this rumor seem a lot more conceivable.

Would you like a new GPU and better 3D gaming on your new iPhone?

[via Cult of Mac]