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Netflix and YouTube now make up 50 percent of all fixed U.S. web traffic, according to the latest report from Sandvine, while peer-to-peer sharing in the form of torrent downloads has dropped sharply to just 10 percent. The Internet traffic report, which the research firm publishes twice per year, covers over 250 service provides in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Breaking down the numbers, we see Netflix holding on to about a third of all received online data while YouTube falls just below 20 percent. Meanwhile, Amazon and Hulu, which are fiercely competing in the streaming video market as well, are both struggling to keep up with just over a single percentage point each. Sandvine CEO Dave Caputo also notes that file sharing has dropped off drastically from the 60 percent share of web traffic it claimed 11 years ago, pointing to 2009 as the beginning of a new trend favoring streaming content over downloading it to watch later.

Sandvine also analyzed mobile usage, finding that YouTube still dominates video streaming in that arena. Facebook has also seen a surge in mobile traffic, though it’s unclear if that’s because the social network is seeing more use or simply eating up more data. Netflix meanwhile claims about 5 percent of the mobile market, falling just behind music streaming service Pandora Radio.

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