The folks at Eurogamer have released a new video in their Here's A Thing series focused on the first generation of Pokémon. It turns out most of us have likely been going about this whole Pokémon catching business all wrong.

Before we get to the vid, they credit a lot of their information to a site called Dragonfly Cave.

It's mind-blowing

At one point in the video, and this is the most fascinating bit on display, they go over how status effects actually affect catch rates for Gen I. This is all new to me, a Pokémon player from the days of the original, though that's likely because I've never cared enough to dive into the real math.

Anyways, the crazy bit here is that, due to the algorithm at work in the background, you only get like a 2 percent bump in chance to catch Mewtwo if you whittle him all the way down to 1 health versus simply putting him to sleep without dealing any damage at all.

Yes, I've been doing this wrong all along.

This video blew my mind a bit. I can't be the only one, can I?