Remember how Yahoo was reportedly going to offer a YouTube rival that offered content creators a larger cut? That hasn't quite panned out, though there is a new competitor from former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar that's trying to fill that gap. Announced on Wednesday, Vessel is a new subscription-based upstart ($3/month) that's promising content producers much more moolah than Google's service currently offers.

It sounds as though video producers will still be able to launch videos on YouTube after an exclusive three-day window (Re/code reports Kilar originally pitched a 30-day window, but that apparently didn't fly). But the hope is that you love certain YouTube stars so much that you'd be willing to pay a subscription fee just to see their videos. That seems to be asking a lot, especially when videos could potentially just appear on YouTube and other services later.

However, the model isn't exactly unprecedented. People subscribe to their favorite Twitch streamers all the time, even though they can watch them for free. Vessel is trying to create a platform of only the best possible content, one that should allow your favorites to "take their productions to new heights."

A "modest amount" of advertising will still be incorporated with subscribers, but the real draw is that you get early access to videos—even before they hit YouTube. If you don't want to subscribe, it sounds like videos will be available after a pre-determined early access period, so you'll be able to watch them regardless.

The consumer launch of Vessel is set for early next year, with focus right now working with content creators to ensure their channels and videos look great. Vessel says there are already a "large number" of creators loading their content onto the platform, from both new and traditional media. Vessel's main page shows names like Project Runway, VitalyzdTV, Unbox Therapy, Duck Dynasty, Tastemade and more.

Vessel is openly inviting anyone to apply to join the community, either as a content creator or viewer. Look for Vessel to launch soon.