Google Nexus 6-3

Google promised us when it announced the Nexus 6 last October that it would be available on all of the major carriers in the U.S., but four months later, you still cannot buy it on Verizon. According to the carrier's website, however, that could soon be about to change.

While it is taking a while, there's never been any doubt that the Nexus 6 would come to Verizon eventually. Not only did Google promise it, but Verizon confirmed support for it, too, shortly after Google's unveiling last fall.

Neither company has offered a release date yet, however, but a change to Verizon's website suggests that the device is finally on its way. If you visit and type "Nexus 6" into the search box, you are now presented with a graphic that promises the handset is "coming soon."

Granted, this isn't as good as a definitive release date, but Verizon is clearly making preparations for the device, and that indicates it could be right around the corner. With the Nexus 6 four months old now, the carrier cannot keep its customers waiting too much longer.

Many will already be aware that you can actually pick up a Nexus 6 from other outlets — like direct from Google Play — and put a Verizon SIM card in it. But that's no good for those who are waiting to upgrade an existing Verizon contract.