Verizon Shared Family Data

Verizon has already confirmed that it's still planning to launch shared family data plans in 2012 and a new screenshot suggests it could be preparing to make them official sooner than later. The screenshot, obtained by Electronista, asks a user to "figure out which plan will best meet your needs," by choosing how many emails a user's family sends, how many web pages the family visits per day and how much time the family spends playing games online. It then estimates how much data the family will need on a scale that appears to range from 0GB to 30+GB.

Verizon Wireless hasn't detailed exactly how much the shared data plans will cost, but the plans will no doubt be welcome by families that have both heavy and light data users — that way the bunch can share a bucket of data without signing up for separate and more expensive individual data plans. Verizon may charge up to $10 for each additional line that's added to the family plan, although that's just a rumor at this point. We'll keep you updated as soon as Verizon makes more announcements.

[via Electronista]