Verizon announced three new unlimited data plans that offer more restrictions than unlimited features.

The three new plans are Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and Business Unlimited. Verizon is branching off the single initial unlimited data plan that was introduced back in February.

Go Unlimited stars off at $75 for a single line and offers unlimited LTE data, but customers are now subject to reduced speeds at any time. It doesn't matter if you've only used 1GB or 22GB, if the network is congested, you probably will be slowed down. The plan also caps all video streaming to 480p on smartphones and 720p on tablets and offers unlimited hotspot tethering but only at speeds of 600kbps.

Beyond Unlimited begins at $85 per line and falls more line with the original unlimited data plan. Unlimited LTE is yours but you'll be subject to slower speeds if the network is overworked once you eclipse the 22GB threshold. Video streams are upgraded to 720p on smartphones and 1080p on tablets. The hotspot feature is also upgraded to 15GB of LTE speeds. When tethering, video displayed on a computer will be capped out at 1080p.

Business Unlimited offers multiple lines, with 4 lines starting at $45 each. The plan offers Unlimited LTE speeds with the threshold before data speeds are subject to slowing down upped to 25GB. The hotspot data bucket comes in at 10GB, but can be 15GB with a two-year contract, and caps video streaming at 480p.

There is a caveat that each plan includes a $5 credit with AutoPay and paperless billing. If you opt out of these features, it'll be more expensive.

This is a step down from the original unlimited plan. That plan started off at $80 per line and offered similar benefits to what the Beyond Unlimited plan offers—you'll just have to pay $5 extra now. Verizon stated the original unlimited data plan was just an "introductory" pricing that was always meant to change. Customers who were on the original unlimited plan introduced back in February won't have to change plans to one of the newer ones, but even their plans are being affected.

There's a lot of numbers and restrictions Verizon offers with its new plans, but what the carrier is really take aim at is video streaming. All unlimited data customers, whether they've been grandfathered in from an early plan, will now experience capped out video quality to 720p. And there's nothing you can do about. It's Verizon policy now.

So unlimited data still technically exists, just with a ton of restrictions.