Last week, just as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was revving up, Verizon announced their new upgrade policy, and don’t think the timing was a simple coincidence. With the tech world focusing on the largest electronics trade show in the world, and the anticipation of the Verizon iPhone announcement, this little detail seemed to be slipped under the door. The new policy will go into effect on Jan. 16, just a few weeks before the Verizon iPhone is released.

After examining the new upgrade policy I now know why, there are going to be a lot upset Verizon customers out there. Let’s take a peek at the details of the new deal.

The first point is that all customers who activate or upgrade on a qualifying plan prior to Jan. 16, 2011 are enrolled in “New Every 2” and eligible to use the NE2 discount for up to six months from the date they become eligible.

Any customer who uses the NE2 credit or Annual Upgrade after Jan. 16, 2011 will no longer be eligible for either program.

Customers that use the NE2 upgrade after Jan. 16 will receive some sort of letter that explains they have just exhausted their final NE2 or annual upgrade. Now this letter will probably come in some envelope that resembles junk mail so exactly one year later the said customer will attempt to upgrade and be told the bad news. I would bet dollars to donuts that Jan. 2012 will be a rough month for Verizon call center representatives.

And now the moment we have all been waiting for, Verizon customers will now be eligible for promotional pricing after twenty months on two year sentences – I mean “contracts” –  as opposed to twelve, and ten months on a one year contract. Oh, and by the way, the $100 credit that was included in the NE2 program is going bye-bye also so promo pricing will be the only benefit here.

I’m wondering if Verizon will preempt the outrage with some interesting spin or if they will just let it ride and deal with the fallout when customers start realizing the change.

Maybe it’s time for Verizon to feel some of the wrath AT&T has been shouldering the last four years. How do you think Verizon customers will react when the notice the changes have kicked in?

(via Android Central)