Verizon offers a gadget, known as Hum, that’s designed to make your old car smart, providing perks like roadside assistance, a convenient mobile app and even information about vehicle health. Cool, right? Maybe not if you’re a teen.

The carrier on Wednesday unveiled an enhanced version of the product, with new features like boundary alerts, speed alerts, vehicle location and more. It basically gives parents unfettered access to their teen’s driving habits, which, OK, not a terrible thing because teen drivers, am I right? But talk about invasive.

Verizon spins it as a safety thing, and I get it. Products like Hum have the potential to change the habits of teen drivers and make them more conscious of what they’re doing. Maybe they’ll think twice before swerving along the freeway at 90 miles per hour. (I’d know because I was the dumb teen who did that.)

“Family members now have the opportunity to remain connected to their teenage drivers, elderly parents and others on the road, putting them in the passenger seat, even if they’re miles away,” explained Michael Maddux, Director of Product Development at Verizon Telematics.

If you have an old car like me and simply want a better idea of what’s actually happening under the hood, Hum might not be a terrible gadget to consider. You can purchase Hum through for $14.99 per month.