Verizon reportedly asked Google to keep Google Wallet off the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus. Computerworld has gotten confirmation from Google at Verizon's request the phone will not include Google Wallet. Verizon has also added a new of its own apps to the handset, however Ice Cream Sandwich makes it easy for those apps to be disabled or hidden.

Verizon is currently working with AT&T and T-Mobile on the ISIS system for mobile payments. While it's not entirely surprising that it would not want Google Wallet on its version of the Galaxy Nexus, it is somewhat surprising Google went along with the deal and kept it off. Google Wallet is currently only available on the Nexus S 4G on Sprint.

What do you think about Verizon choosing to include its own apps and not include Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus? Do either decision influence your decision to buy one of the phones?

[via ComputerWorld]

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