After being spotted in the wild and making appearances on benchmark sites, the not-so-mysterious DROID RAZR HD has made its way to the FCC under the "XT926" moniker. Test documents confirm that the DROID RAZR HD will cruise on Verizon's 4G LTE and is packing CDMA and GSM radios, which suggests it will either offer global roaming support from the get-go or in the future. The RAZR HD is also equipped with an NFC chip, which suggests the device will support ISIS mobile payments in the future.

As excited as we are about a possible RAZR HD launch, don't hold your breath for an imminent launch. A thumbs up from the FCC is always a plus, but it's not a guarantee that we'll be seeing this device in Verizon stores anytime soon.

[via: Engadget, FCC]