Verizon Wireless recently activated its AWS spectrum to offer faster 4G LTE speeds in several markets around the United States, but that's not enough. A report from the New York Post recently said that Verizon is interested in scooping up even more spectrum from Dish Network.

The additional spectrum could allow Verizon to offer quicker speeds, likely in areas where it plans to launch its "XLTE" branded network — which is just a marketing term for markets where faster LTE speeds are available.

The New York Post said that Verizon executives recently explained the intentions to try to acquire Dish Network spectrum in a recent insider meeting, though word apparently escaped out to a banker, perhaps at a firm that has been tapped to finance the deal. The news outlet said discussions aren't advanced yet, though, and suggests that Verizon is still floating around the idea. Still, the New York Post suggested Verizon may bite at the deal before Dish makes a possible bid for T-Mobile, a carrier that Sprint/SoftBank is also interested in acquiring.

The New York Post said the spectrum Verizon is interested in is worth as much as $17 billion. Verizon hasn't officially commented on the rumor.