Verizon WirelessHurricane Sandy was one mean force of nature, one that devastated much of the eastern seaboard through flooding and powerful winds. Now it’s time to recover, time to move on together. Verizon is helping people to do that by completely waiving domestic voice and text charges for a two-week period, Oct.29 – Nov. 16.

It’s a benevolent gesture as folks affected by the Frankenstorm struggle to recover. As Sandy swept through the New York and New Jersey areas, many wireless carriers jumped to the aid of its customers, providing emergency charging stations and wireless phones. This is yet another way for Verizon to extend a helping hand for those still feeling Sandy’s affects.

“Verizon Wireless continues to focus its efforts to assist customers in the regions hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy,” the carrier announced, saying that no action is required by customers to be eligible for the program.

Customers will, however, still be charged for access charges and data fees.

[via CNET]