Friday, Verizon Wireless announced it is changing its upgrade eligibility policy. The program is now tied to 24-months, about what most consumers sign up for when signing up for the carrier’s plans.

Previously, customers of Verizon Wireless were eligible for early device upgrades after just 20 months. Now customers will have to wait the extra 4 months to upgrade at the discounted rate and re-sign a contract then.

According to Verizon, this policy change merely reflects how most of their subscribers purchase mobile devices. While we’re inclined to agree with that statement we’re also fairly certain most readers at TechnoBuffalo are more savvy than your average consumer, and in turn switch devices more frequently.

According to Verizon Wireless, this change will first impact customers who’s contracts are up come January 2014.  So that would put those contracts around September 2013 (20th month) the last of the “early upgrade” eligible contracts.

Additionally, Verizon confirmed that customers may continue to upgrade a device with another person on the account as long as it is in the same device category (phone for a phone). But the option to transfer upgrades from a non-phone to another device, say a hotspot or tablet will no longer be available.