Verizon StoreThe content of smartphone photos is never truly safe, one Verizon Wireless customer recently learned. According to a Smoking Gun report, an employee at a Bartow, FL, store allegedly swiped nude photos from a waitress's device after she brought it in for service. It's a story that 100 percent underlines why you should never, ever keep content on your phone you wouldn't want anyone to see — and also that you shouldn't steal.

The Verizon Wireless employee stole some twenty pictures from the woman's broken phone when transferring files to the new one. At first, she was none the wiser, and was simply sent on her way without any suspicion of foul play. But the Verizon employee, Joshua Stuart, felt the urge to share his new secret.

When an acquaintance of the woman went into the Verizon store to upgrade his phone, Stuart, confident from his heist, decided to show off his score. Bad move, Stuart. The acquaintance recognized the woman immediately, but brushed it off as to not alert Stuart. Eventually, authorities were alerted, and the cops later executed a search warrant on the Bartow store, where they seized a laptop and two phones.

Stuart allegedly fled the state before cops showed up to the store, but an accomplice, Gregory Lampert, was arrested and subsequently confessed to receiving the nude pictures, along with stealing nude photos from another customer's phone. Stuart, obviously, will be arrested immediately upon his return to Florida.

[via TheSmokingGun]