Few things in the world are as annoying as damaging your smartphone. As nice as they look when you get them brand new, glass displays (and backs) break way too easily. Verizon’s newest protection plan aims to solve this issue.

The new plan is called Total Mobile Protection, which for a low monthly fee, will cover any damage. It’s a form of insurance plan that gives peace of mind in case you accidentally break or lose your phone. Under the plan, screen replacements will cost just $29. That’s a killer price because some standalone screen repairs can easily break the $100 barrier.

Phone repairs and replacements are also covered, but Verizon doesn’t reveal the deductible pricing for that coverage.

Smartphones cost $11 a month, tablets cost $9, and there is a multi-device tier for $33 (3 lines). If you are doing the math, a single smartphone on the Total Mobile Protection plan will cost $132 per year. Customers are entitled to three repairs in a year at the deductible pricing.

Verizon’s new plan is very competitive with what Apple offers with AppleCare+. Apple’s plan costs $129 for two years and offers a similar $29 deductible for screen repairs and $99 for anything worse. This will only get you two deductible repairs or replacements, unlike the three Verizon’s insurance plan offers. AppleCare+ also only works for iPhones.

To repair your phone, Verizon is working with 296 certified repair shops across the country. You can either go to one of these shops or have a technician meet you at your home.

There is only one major caveat to Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection plan—it only covers phones that are two years old or newer. But that shouldn’t be much of an issue because most people update fairly often.

This is a solid plan by Verizon. iPhone users can decide whether Apple’s plan fits their needs better, but for Android users, this is a great plan to ensure you won’t have to worry about shattering a display or worse. Verizon customers can begin signing up for the Total Mobile Protection plan now through Verizon’s website.