Verizon added the Wear24 to its lineup as an exclusive. It didn’t show any specific other brand’s name, only Verizon’s. The smartwatch was announced on February 8, but it wasn’t until May 11 when the carrier’s customers could actually buy it. Here we are four months later and the Wear24 is no longer available.

The listing for the smartwatch on Verizon’s site has vanished.

Verizon’s Wear24 arrived around the same time as the LG-made Watch Sport and Watch Style. Those two smartwatches, which Google helped create, were tasked with setting Android Wear’s comeback. The Wear24 came about through a company known as Quanta. With Android Wear 2.0 expected to bring hype back to the platform, Verizon thought it could release in-house hardware and enjoy decent margins.

It didn’t work out for Android Wear 2.0, and it didn’t work out for Verizon. The software did little to attract interest and Verizon’s Wear24 was plagued with issues.

Only two pages for the Wear24 are still live on the carrier’s site. There’s an overview page that goes through the smartwatch’s notable features. It covers phone-free use, water resistance, Android Wear, and design. Near the bottom is a button for visiting the product listing to purchase the smartwatch; however, clicking that actually redirects you to the support page. Verizon appears to be in the process of scrubbing any references having to do with buying the Wear24.

Sales may have been very poor, but it’s more likely that Verizon opted to abandon its first smartwatch after critics and consumer panned it. The Wear24 received more than three dozen reviews resulting in a 2.4 out of 5 customer rating.