Verizon has announced that it will be offering a new $20 data plan in Maryland, Washington, DC, North Carolina and Virginia. The 300MB plan can be added to any phone that currently has a voice plan in any of those states.

“This is a great introductory plan for customers who have been contemplating moving from a basic phone to a smartphone but were hesitant because of cost,” said Mike Maiorana, regional president in Maryland,Washington, DC and Virginia.  “The $20 monthly access promotional plan is an opportunity for customers to learn the many benefits of having a smartphone with email and calendar functions, as well as Internet access and apps, at their fingertips.”

Customers who select the 300MB plan and go over will be charged $20 for an additional 300MB.

300MB isn’t a lot of data, and the 300MB plan isn’t likely to work for many people. In contrast, Verizon’s 2GB data plan is only $30 per month – a considerably lower per MB cost. If you’re someone who uses Wi-Fi primarily; however, the plan might potentially be for you.

What do you think? Could any of you see yourselves being able to get by on a 300MB plan?