Verizon customers who are on its top tier unlimited data plans will see their plans get much sweeter. First reported by 9to5Mac, Verizon announced that moving forward, it will include a free Apple Music subscriptions for its unlimited data plans.

An Apple Music subscription retails for $9.99 and offers unlimited music streaming. Now that won’t come as an additional cost to Verizon customers who are on its Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited data plans. Unfortunately, the sweet perk wont extend to its base Go Unlimited data plan, but it does offer a free six month trial.

The inclusion of Apple Music follows a precedent set by other carriers to entice customers to switch over. Verizon was the only one not offer a substantial subscription with its plans but now it’ll join AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. AT&T offers HBO for free to its unlimited data customers, T-Mobile offers Netflix for free and Sprint offers Hulu for free.

Verizon isn’t the first to offer a free music streaming service—Sprint teamed up with Tidal last year—but it should still help entice customers to either switch to the carrier or existing customers upgrade to its top tier unlimited plans.

Verizon is launching its revamped unlimited plans with Apple Music included beginning January 17.