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Leaving Google Fiber in the dust

I'd be thrilled if Google announced that its Fiber Internet service was coming to my area. It's not that I'm discontent with Charter and the 60Mbps service I currently subscribe to, but to have access to 1Gbps Internet service (downloads and uploads) for $70 per month? Yes, please!

Ever thought of what comes next? Verizon has, and while most of us aren't seeing speeds anywhere near 1Gbps, Big Red just finished testing a next-generation fiber-optic technology that allows for a 10Gbps data transfer rate, the company announced.

That's to say that 10Gbps isn't coming to your residential neighborhood anytime soon, though the potential technology for such a thing is there and being tested. Specifically, it's called NG-PON2, or "next-generation passive optical network."

Verizon's even looking beyond 10Gbps with claims that NG-PON2 has the legs to reach 80Gbps, which is 80 times faster than Google Fiber.

The neat thing about NG-PON2 is that it isn't just a theoretical technology, nor is it limited to tests in a lab. Not an inside, lab, anyway. Verizon tested NG-PON2 with a business customer and also with a residential home located three miles away from the company's central office in Framingham, Massachusetts.

"The advantage of our FiOS network is that it can be upgraded easily by adding electronics onto the fiber network that is already in place. Deploying this exciting new technology sets a new standard for the broadband industry and further validates our strategic choice of fiber-to-the-premises," said Lee Hicks, vice president of network technology for Verizon.

Verizon said it will request proposals later this year for the purchase of hardware and software for its new NG-PON2 platform. Businesses will likely be the first customers, though with the adoption of 4K video content and an estimated 25 billion Internet connected devices expected by 2020, consumers might not be all that far behind.

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