Verizon WirelessAn internal Verizon Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) listing has made its way to the Internet, and it outs some heavyweight devices. Pretty much everything is here — including the suggested price and names of future devices — save for a precise launch date, but even then the document includes a “MAP Period.” The Samsung Galaxy Note II is there, as is the HTC Windows Phone 8X. But even more tantalizing? That 5-inch, 1080p HTC handset we’ve been seeing lately.

Most devices are priced as expected, with the Note II matching the $299 price point of other carriers (and slightly below T-Mobile’s pricing), and the 8X is listed at $199. Surprisingly, HTC’s unannounced DROID handset is listed at $199, meaning if the device is being aligned to compete with Samsung’s bigger Note II, it’s already undercutting it by a full $100. Despite the Note II’s impressive pedigree, price is a huge point of contention, especially during the holiday period when consumers might be more conscious of their spending.

In addition to the big boy handsets, the Nokia Lumia 822, which has been around the block a few times, is listed for $99. In all, Verizon’s got a pretty impressive holiday lineup, with the DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD, Galaxy S III, Note II and HTC 8X all rounding out options that cater to every type of consumer.

[via AndroidCentral]