Verizon Unlimited Plans Leak - 01 - 2013

If you've been looking for a new prepaid plan, then you may want to head to your local Verizon store on Feb. 1.

According to a leaked document received by PhoneArena, Verizon is preparing to announce a new prepaid plan that will give you unlimited talk and text along with 500MB of data on its 3G network for $60 a month. For $70 a month you can increase that to 2GB, and each additional 1GB of data will be $20 each.

The old $80 plan will be grandfathered, but you can currently get double the data if you sign up by Jan. 31. Although there is a slight issue in that it would make it 2GB, or the same amount of data customers will be paying $70 for come Feb. 1, so we're not entirely clear why this will be sticking around.

This isn't the cheapest unlimted talk and text plan out there, so if this is what you're looking for we highly suggest you do some comparison shopping first.