Not long ago, Engadget dug up some court documents from 2008 that confirmed the rumored five-year AT&T exclusivity agreement from Apple to keep its iPhone from fleeing to other carriers.  While negotiations since then may have certainly led to changes in the contract, the deal was originally in place until 2012.   According to the resilient rumor mill, Verizon’s brewing up an iPhone campaign for the next gen release that could hit as early as June of this year.

CrunchGear is reporting that Landor Associates are hard at work on an advertising campaign for Verizon’s upcoming iPhone release.  Apparently that same agency has been with Verizon since 2007 and is responsible for BlackBerry’s double-B logo.  Could Verizon have finally put an end to AT&T’s tight grip on the iPhone?  Few have an answer to that.


What’s strange is that Apple has always been in control of advertising any of its products.  There’s a reason we don’t see AT&T pushing out ad after ad bragging about their exclusive device.  No doubt a good chunk of Apple’s success comes from its advertising techniques.  So why on earth would they allow Verizon to do what AT&T wasn’t allowed to do for nearly three years?  Something doesn’t sit quite right.

Perhaps the ad campaign CrunchGear is reporting can be directed to in-store ads and banners alongside an online marketing ploy on Verizon’s website.  While details remain scarce and the whole situation still deemed a rumor, it’s still just as likely that this all hearsay and nothing will actually come to fruition.  Chances are we’ll find more of a definitive answer to all the Verizon/iPhone questions as early as June 7th, when WWDC kicks into full effect.

Are you holding out for an iPhone on Verizon?  Do you think it’ll actually hit this summer?  Get your hopes up in the comments.

[Via CrunchGear]