Verizon-iPhone-4-Can-You-Hear-Me-Now-guyVerizon is reportedly looking to fill out its Windows Phone 8 lineup with a device free on contract before the year is up, The Verge said on Tuesday. In addition to the HTC Windows Phone 8X, which is $199, and the Nokia Lumia 822, which is $99, Verizon will give customers the opportunity to pick up a free WP8 handset. What could it be? Perhaps the Samsung Ativ Odyssey?

That much isn't being made clear at the moment, but it's certainly an interesting proposition, and can only benefit Microsoft as it looks to get its growing mobile platform into more consumer hands. Plus, it has some hefty competition to go up against. The best devices are coming at the typical $200 premium, but that doesn't mean there can't be options for the low to mid-range crowd. Windows Phone 8 for free sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

[via TheVerge]