Verizon Nokia Lumia 928

Verizon has been relatively quiet on the Windows Phone front, but we've long heard rumors that it's going to get a flagship phone from Nokia of its own that will go toe-to-toe with AT&T's Lumia 920. We're expecting the Lumia 928 will be that device, and the first images of it were recently spilled by Evleaks, which is known for its accuracy.

Here's what differs from previous rumors, however: The Verge said it confirmed that the device won't offer an aluminum body (the image pretty much solidifies that anyway) and that the phone will offer a 4.5-inch screen. Nokia is allegedly working on aluminum phones, but those are currently code named the EOS and Catwalk. Also note the xenon flash on the back of the phone, which should offer a better photo-taking experience than LED flashes do.

The Verge said the Lumia 928 will launch at the end of this month and packs similar features to the Lumia 920 on AT&T.