Well this is super odd. Typically we’ll see a bunch of leaks and then a phone manufacturer or a carrier will confirm the device’s existence. That hasn’t been the case with the Lumia 928. While we’ve been treated to several leaked photos, Verizon and Nokia have not yet announced the phone even though it’s already showing up on billboards. Now the device is even more official, as it was recently published in a two-page spread advertisement in Vanity Fair and then on Nokia’s website.

The ad simply states “stay tuned for updates about the newest Nokia Lumia.” The recent billboard leak also said that it will offer amazing low-light performance, likely due to the xenon flash on the back of the smartphone.

Now that the beans are pretty much officially spilled we imagine that Verizon or Nokia will send out a press release detailing the price, a possible launch date and more specifications. Here’s a look at the Vanity Fair ad: