When Verizon introduced the Motorola DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx and DROID Mini, the carrier only released the DROID Ultra in a shiny red hue. That's about to change, according to a new leak from @evleaks, which suggests that Verizon Wireless is gearing up to launch the DROID Mini in red also.

We know everything else there is to know about the phone, so it's just a minor color refresh that might help breathe some life into the two-month old smartphone. It's equipped with a relatively small 4.3-inch display, 2GB of RAM, a 1.7GHz dual-core processor and Motorola's awesome software enhancements, such as support for speaking "OK Google Now" to execute a voice command.

We're not sure when the DROID Mini will launch in red, though it should come in at the same $49 price point as the original model if it does launch.