Verizon on Friday introduced five new prepaid data plans for connected devices such as tablets and hotspots. They're the kind of plans you might want to consider if you're bringing your own device, or need a connection for a limited amount of time but don't really want to commit to a contract.

Verizon's offering starts at $15 for 500MB of data that you have one week to consume. You can also opt to buy 1GB $20, for which you have one month to consume. 2GB of data will cost you $35, and you have two months to use it, or you can opt for 5GB of data for $60 or 10GB of data for $100, both of which can be used across 2 months, too. It's a bit strange top see the two-month period here, but Verizon probably figures there's enough demand from consumers who aren't eating up that much data in a single month.

Even though the plans are prepaid, Verizon has an auto-pay option, too, so that your data is automatically refilled. You can cancel at any time.