Verizon has responded to T-Mobile’s iPhone deal in kind, offering the same $699 discount off any iPhone when you buy one iPhone and trade-in an eligible device.

The new deal is identical to the one T-Mobile launched two weeks ago. That means you can get a free iPhone 8 (which starts at $699) or net a gigantic discount off the iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus. Past deals only applied to one specific model, most often being the iPhone 8.

Verizon is opening up the deal to both existing and new customers as it tries to curtail T-Mobile’s growing momentum. That works out just fine because the customer ends up netting some huge savings.

There are only a few requirements customers will have to meet. The iPhones will have to be paid off through Verizon’s installment plan, where the $699 discount will be applied in 24 monthly credits, a new line must be activated and an eligible device needs to be traded in.

Verizon’s iPhone deal will start January 29. Of course, T-Mobile’s deal is already going on. You can head over to its site to take advantage.