In all of the excitement yesterday about the iPhone finally coming to Verizon after years of customers and journalists wishing and writing about it respectively, another story was overlooked by many.

The iPad is coming along for the ride also.

While it is nowhere as exciting as the iPhone move, it’s still intriguing because it is another exclusive taken away from AT&T, making you wonder what will happen to the carrier in the coming months.

Previously if you wanted a 3G iPad the only option was to sign up with AT&T.  Eventually the Wi-Fi version came to Verizon, but then again, I think gas stations were selling them this past Christmas season.  Since Verizon couldn’t sign customers up for a contract they were selling them packaged with a hotspot device so you could still use the tablet pretty much anywhre you wanted, but that will no longer be necessary.

This certainly isn’t as major as the phone, but it’s just interesting in more of a, “Huh, guess AT&T will have to be a decent network now as opposed to, the ‘people-hate-us-but-we-have-the-iPhone’ attitude they had.”

As we wondered yesterday about if the iPhone might possibly come to Sprint and T-Mobile eventually, could we see the iPad do the same?  Will we finally reach a point where you can’t go anywhere without running into Apple’s products?

Apple has been setting record quarters recently, kinda makes you wonder what the next couple could look like.

What say you?  Will you pick up a Verizon-enabled iPad?