The AT&T iPhone had the well-known "Death Grip" issue with signal reception, but does the Verizon iPhone also suffer from it?

One of the biggest questions when the Verizon iPhone was announced was if the infamous "Antennagate" would follow from the days of the AT&T iPhone release.  This was the issue where Apple eventually had to send out free bumpers to customers to cover the antenna gaps in the physical design as a hand bridging the two sections would cause signal lose.  We already can see that the antenna has received a small redesign in the Verizon release, but did it rid us of the issue?

The short answer is, "No. The Verizon iPhone 4 does have the death grip issue."

The Death Grip on the AT&T iPhone led to the company having to send out those free bumpers, costing the company over $100 million.  Eventually, instead of fixing the problem, the free bumper program came to an end, and it is just expected that you know about it at this point.  When the Verizon iPhone was announced, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to redesign the phone, which Apple did, but yet, here we are with the exact same issue.

Hopefully this will be corrected in the inevitable iPhone 5, but for now, no matter what carrier you choose to get your iPhone 4 through, you might as well expect some dropped calls if you don't hold the phone just right.

What say you?  Surprised this issue still exists?