Verizon Wireless on Thursday officially announced new "More Everything" plans that should save existing customers some money. They aren't the cheapest rates in the industry, but then again Verizon has never offered the most savings and instead likes to tout its high-performance and sprawling LTE network.

First, Verizon's Edge plans, which offer the ability to upgrade more frequently than once every two years, are now a bit cheaper when it comes to the fee you pay for adding a smartphone. Plans with data packages ranging from 250MB to 8GB are now $10 cheaper per month to add a smartphone than before. If you have a subscription with 10GB or more, you'll be saving $20 per month. If you have an Edge plan with 500MB or 1GB of data each month, you should see your data cap double automatically on your next bill, meaning Verizon is basically tossing in extra data.

With More Everything, if you have 250MB of data per month you'll now save $5 each month. If you have between 500MB and 2GB of data, you'll save $10 each month. Verizon's also introducing a new 3GB plan for $100 each month, and all other prices remain unchanged. More Everything plans now also come with 25GB of free cloud storage, instead of just 2GB. Unlimited international messaging is also being included with Verizon's unlimited messaging plans.

You should see these changes apply on your account, though it might be safe to give Verizon a call to make sure you're getting the most savings.