Verizon announced it's expanding its unlimited plan offerings with the addition of a new plan that ups the limits. The new Above Unlimited plan comes above the original Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plans, offering 75GB of data per month and a 20GB data allotment to use for hot spot.

Like Verizon's prior plans, the 75GB data cap isn't really all that unlimited. After hitting the cap, customers are subject to throttling if the network becomes congested. However, that is more than three times the data allotment Beyond Unlimited and Go Unlimited offer, which is 22GB. That's the standard for all carriers, as just about every carrier caps out unlimited plans at the 22GB threshold, again calling into question what exactly is unlimited these days.

The Above Unlimited plan will start at $95 for a single line while the Beyond Unlimited and Go Unlimited plans start at $85 and $75, respectively. But those offer even more limitations than the new plan, such as the Go Unlimited plan capping video streaming to 480p and hot spot speeds to 600kbps.

Verizon also announced that families with unlimited data plans will now have the option of using different versions of the plan. Prior to this, every member within an unlimited data plan was stuck with the same service, but different users can select their own plan that better suits their needs.

The Above Unlimited plan will be available starting June 18 to all Verizon customers.