Verizon doesn’t yet carry the HTC One and several signs have suggested that neither HTC nor Verizon have plans to launch the device. Perhaps Verizon changed its mind after seeing glowing reviews of the new flagship smartphone, however. Slashgear recently obtained a leaked image from @evleaks, which has a solid track record reporting leaks, and it shows a Verizon product with the One branding. The image below was provided to @evleaks by an employee “that needs advance knowledge of upcoming devices.”


The leak suggests that, instead of an update to the DROID DNA as originally expected, the carrier will launch its very own HTC One device. We’re not surprised to see Verizon jumping on board, though it does seem a bit odd that the carrier wouldn’t have offered the phone sooner.

The HTC One is reportedly scheduled to launch on Verizon in early summer, which means we might see it pop up any week now. Another phone, dubbed the “T6” could launch in the fall to replace the DROID DNA entirely.

TechnoBuffalo reached out to HTC for comment but has not yet received a response.

Update: HTC’s official response is as follows: “HTC does not comment on rumor or speculation.”